Born June 18, 1992, I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen. Always considered myself an outsider, and writing was always a way to express myself.

Currently residing in Colorado; being born in New Mexico, I have always been among nature and I love it. As a matter a fact, you can see an allusion to nature in a lot of my writing. I believe that’s the best way to get you to understand what I’m feeling, seeing, describing.

I am a hopeless romantic, an observer of the world, and I believe a lot of that reflects on my writing. I write about different subjects; mainly love, of course.

I am working on a few projects, and am looking forward to the publication of them, including: short stories, poems, and novels.

Stick around. Things are going to get good 😉62540_473798926321_6780960_n

-Juliet Rivor