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It is a story of love, hate, betrayal, vengeance, retaliation, murder, and new life.

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For Him, I’d Chisel My Bones

What are you willing to do for the one you love?

For him, I’d chisel a blueprint onto my bones

So my anatomy can be that place which he can call home

-Juliet Rivor © June 2017
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Not Worth My Sacrifice

A little late but this is a piece in respects to the fallen.

With every storm, with every rage

We managed to simulate a warlike stage

Revealing your tyranny

Exposing my vulnerability

The repetition of the vicious destruction

Always reinstates the pain

And the nightmares never end

Because I always dream a different ending

I would have died for you

Sacrifice myself for you

Lead the line to

make sure nothing touches you

But a soldier falls only

For what’s worth falling for

And you are not that

So I retreat

But not in defeat

So don’t overthink this behest

It’s simply in my side’s best interest

-Juliet Rivor © May 2017


And seriously, a man who doesn’t give you the world doesn’t deserve you to be willing to give up yours for him.

Something Beautiful

A love poem dedicated to that special someone. When their affection makes your life a lil bit more special and the everyday life a lil less heavy.

Something marvelous, simply beautiful

is coming aflow

That which makes me write pure loves poems

And if it’s coming or going, I’m not sure

I just can’t believe this that occurred

Since you first told me what you feel

It’s like you opened a whole new door

One tangible and real

Because since that day

my fondness bulges more and more

Because you filled my heart with all this desire

And took my life to a place much, much higher

-Juliet Rivor © May 2017