My novel is almost finished So I am going to be posting things here and there. Promoting it 😁


It is a story of love, hate, betrayal, vengeance, retaliation, murder, and new life.

More coming soon


I Give You

What are you willing to give for the one you love?

I give you my infatuation, I give you my avidity

For whenever you want something to live

I give you my susurrations, I give you my calidity

For whenever you want something to perceive

– Juliet Rivor © June 2017 

Not Worth My Sacrifice

A little late but this is a piece in respects to the fallen.

With every storm, with every rage

We managed to simulate a warlike stage

Revealing your tyranny

Exposing my vulnerability

The repetition of the vicious destruction

Always reinstates the pain

And the nightmares never end

Because I always dream a different ending

I would have died for you

Sacrifice myself for you

Lead the line to

make sure nothing touches you

But a soldier falls only

For what’s worth falling for

And you are not that

So I retreat

But not in defeat

So don’t overthink this behest

It’s simply in my side’s best interest

-Juliet Rivor © May 2017


And seriously, a man who doesn’t give you the world doesn’t deserve you to be willing to give up yours for him.